The Jedward FaceBook Hotel! Who is checking in Tonight in this Post leave a comment you can all stay in this post on our page and join the SleepOver!

>who want some hot coco
>yeah we are having a sleepover who just let off?
>alot of people have there pets! just make sure they are all friends!
>Lots of you have food give us some!
>pillow fight 
>Who has the coolest PJ’s we have Pokemon haha
>The Water Slide Has just been attached to the building! KALABUNGA DUDE!
>Inviting and Calling More People to Share This 100 Foot Pizza it looks like a Spinning Bed
>Now Playing Kesha
>What Movie to Watch Home Alone or The NoteBook
>PoP Corn is Ready!
>Shhhh the movie is starting its the NoteBook! WE know you like this a lot
> its raining outside! NoteBook Cover Pictures! just because we can! and its Paris!

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