Respect Your Dreams

Respect Your Dreams

Give me a glimpse of bravery
Do what you gotta do forget reality
Bring on a brand new chapter
Go follow your heart don’t you be afraid
Laugh the pressure off
Give yourself the space to grow
Step out from the dark shadows
Throw your fears aside today
Step into the light free your soul

Respect Your Dreams
Go live your life
Don’t write yourself off
Put up a fight oh
Protect your heart
from those who hate
Respect Your Dreams
it’s not too late

Can you tell me where is the dreamer
that I once knew who wouldn’t give up
who had the right attitude
now I see you’re living in a daze
I’ll do all I can to help you through this faze
Celebrate yourself why be someone else
wash away regrets this life ain’t over yet
Quit flirting with the fear oh don’t you disappear
just know you’re worthy of it all

I know you’ll conquer the demons inside your head
through the highs and lows
I know you’ll find yourself
so don’t you let the bad vibes spread
i wish you all the best

By John and Edward Grimes

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