Everyone Check Out EXO they are super cool and really nice! when we went to get dinner before the show we saw them and they were very welcoming and really pleasant! We had chips Mmmm! We got a photo and we all wanted to do a cool pose so they showed us a cool pose with all our thumbs up! then we had just a cool photo! When we landed in Amsterdam we went through arrivals we saw so much fans and then they started talking and saying Jedward they came over to say hello they were so excited and they told us more about EXO and we were talking about Big Bang and 2NE1! we are so thankful for them stopping us because then Jedward fans ran over to us with posters and it was awesome mixing all together and we decided to get a Jepic Picture Together because we had so much fun! We had Jedhugs and Pictures!
You Guys Made such a big impact on us we told Kris and Suho About it! we knew there names because fans had badges and posters! =:) =:)

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