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Wicked Halloween 2023

Thank you for all your birthday messages and love! We’re happy to have made it another year! We’re grateful for all the opportunities and moments we have lived together! Jedward forever ❤️ strength and hugs to everyone

Best experience ever celebrating the new and improved taste of #DrPepperZerooo it was a dream that is reality! Always dare to be different @DrPepperUK #TryMoreWeird #AD

Cuz I’m just Ken! You are Kenough Love KenWard 📷 @charlie__chops


welcome to planet jedward! irish pop duo & tiktok icons jedward hit the stage in canterbury for a live pa this october! it’s gonna be jepic 🇮🇪

📍 jedward (Live)
📍 3 floors of dance anthems, y2k, throwbacks, house, rnb, hiphop, d&b, reggaeton, amapianio & more
📍 giant inflatables, jepic temp tats + giveaways
📍 drinks from £2.60
📍 4am close
book a ticket from £3 before they sell out ➡️

Happy Pride 2023! Sending Jepic energy and Love to all our fans We Love You 🏳️‍🌈

Conchita and Jedward

Eurovision 2023! We’re in you! Let’s rock Euroclub and Eurovillage

Twin Ken Dolls from The Barbie Movie x Jedward

Jedward have been confirmed as the new hosts of the Late Late show.

Over 10 years of Friendship @teddysphotos JedSheeran Forever 💛 Great to see you rocking Dublin last night and us partying with the Jepic vibes 🙌🏼

What a Jepic weekend for Ireland 🇮🇪 hope everyone made awesome memories over St.Patrick’s Day ☘️ Love and hugs to all the Moms for Mother’s Day on Earth and in Heaven💚We performed in Edinburgh and the gravity defying quiffs are back! Loved seeing Ireland win the Rugby definitely raised all our spirits 🇮🇪 how is everyone! sending you Jepic Energy⚡️

Clubbing with Jedward tag all your Friends who’s coming #jedward #clubbing #weekend

Jedward slaying Eurovision! lives rent free in my head

Iconic JEPIC weekend Vibes!! What’s everyone doing?

If you want to see a miracle be that miracle.

Happy Birthday to the iconic Jepic Queen Gemma Collins she’s now rocking Pink hair it’s so her and completely represents her energy and vibes! Super Happy to be celebrating her birthday.

JEPIC 2023 #Jedward

Hello from my bubble bath…sounds like a hit #jedward #adele

I louvre it! #jedward #louvre #paris

It’s the weekend #jedward #twins #ireland

Saturday night vibes #saturdaynight #weekendvibes #Jedward

Ice ice baby – Jedward