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Cuz I’m just Ken! You are Kenough Love KenWard 📷 @charlie__chops

Twin Ken Dolls from The Barbie Movie x Jedward

Jedward have been confirmed as the new hosts of the Late Late show.

Over 10 years of Friendship @teddysphotos JedSheeran Forever 💛 Great to see you rocking Dublin last night and us partying with the Jepic vibes 🙌🏼

What a Jepic weekend for Ireland 🇮🇪 hope everyone made awesome memories over St.Patrick’s Day ☘️ Love and hugs to all the Moms for Mother’s Day on Earth and in Heaven💚We performed in Edinburgh and the gravity defying quiffs are back! Loved seeing Ireland win the Rugby definitely raised all our spirits 🇮🇪 how is everyone! sending you Jepic Energy⚡️

If you want to see a miracle be that miracle.

Happy Birthday to the iconic Jepic Queen Gemma Collins she’s now rocking Pink hair it’s so her and completely represents her energy and vibes! Super Happy to be celebrating her birthday.

JEPIC 2023 #Jedward

Happy Jedmas 2022! much love Jedward Let’s rock 2023

Happy JEPIC New Year 2022

Jedsheeran reunited @teddysphotos Christmas 2021 JEPIC vibes!

JedHawk our new hairstyle! Bleached and cut ready to film our next tv project filming this June! It’s gonna be exciting to get back into studio and being on your TV screens.
We have loads of iconic new looks ready to rock. We’re going to have to get covid tests for over 10 days so our noses aren’t ready for it. We’ve been twinning for over 10 years!

The JEPIC old days

Shirts and ties styled by our Mom and aunties
We hope our future kids can rock these jackets and tie pins. Who knows what the future holds but looking back on old photos really is a touching moment and brings us back to our roots and feeling all kinds of emotions. This was a time in our life where we got bullied and weren’t really accepted like most of our life we smiled and fought through it like most people school is a difficult time.But we’re here today and we are still the same souls of energy.

Baby Jedward The day we were Christened John and Edward and received the Holy JEPIC #ThrowbackTwins #TBT #throwbackthursday

Sending you smiles and JEPIC energy Feeling sparkly in our gold leopard print! How are you doing? Comment 😃 and get those Good vibes

Best Friends and Twins It’s Jedward Beach! Like everyone we love the beach and building sand castles here’s a photo from years ago obviously we got taller but the smiles and sun are always the same ❤️

Hi I’m Edward from Jedward ❤️


Just getting used to the slim shady look!
We don’t have to worry about hairstyling and the world and climate has less hairspray!
No need to have a hairdryer anymore! The journey starts to growing back the Quiff! It’s gonna take some time but we are super happy for you to see our growth as artists and our hair!

2.5 Million Raised by the Irish Public for the Irish Cancer Society the work and services you provide is life changing! @irishcancersociety #Jedward #cancerawareness #cancer #irishcancersociety

We bleached up our hair to brighten up these dark times! We are honoured to shave it all off for such a great cause ?? the government need more cancer treatments available for everyone the earlier it’s detected the better! There shouldn’t be a shortage of resources and treatments! Tonight is all about coming together and showing the power of the Irish nation watching the Late Late tonight ❤️ @irishcancersociety @latelaterte

Everyone look after yourself during these crazy times sending you lots of good vibes let us know how you are X

Happy St Patrick’s Day ☘️ sending you all the hope and luck in the world what’s your fav Paddy’s Day Memory’s?

Best Gift Ever!

An Ed Sheeran original AfterGlow painting. The colour and energy it’s going to inspire us everyday, it radiates incredible passion and creative vibes. Love you Ed, Cherry and Baby Lyra Antarctica Happy Christmas ❤️ @teddysphotos

Best friends always 🙌🏼 it’s awesome to live this life with a twin knowing you got someone there always to make you smile

Have a Jepic weekend everyone! It’s so cold make sure to wrap up! We are just counting down the days to Christmas!

Can’t wait to get all the video messages to everyone and cards we have been creating! Love this angel of a dog that was on set of the photoshoot we did for @vip.magazine